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PostSubject: AST CODE OF CONDUCT   Sun Jul 12, 2009 12:11 pm

AST CODE OF CONDUCT revision 3.1

Honour, Respect, Dedication, Loyalty.

First and foremost, these four ideals are the core of the Australian SWAT Team’s code. Behaviour that in any way counters these four principles will be dealt with disciplinary action up to and possibly including dismissal from the clan.


This is a two way street. It is an honour for you to wear the AST tags with your gamer name, not a right. In wearing your tags proudly, you show honour to your clan-mates and to the team itself. Remember that you are representing a unit far larger than just yourself while gaming and speaking on vent. Every server you play on should recognise the AST tags as being worn by an honourable person who will not create dramas in the game or in their lobby.

1. We fight with honour at all times and treat others with respect. Always set a good example for guests to the server and always treat your teammates with the utmost respect.
2. Language. KEEP IT CLEAN.
3. If another player engages in dishonourable behaviour, do not respond. Admin at the time will make the choice to kick. If an admin is not available, make a note and send an email to your squad leader.
4. Once a member of AST, wear your tags at all times.


5. Cheating is not tolerated.
6. If you suspect someone of cheating in game, whether or not they are a member of AST, notify an admin online or through email. Do not confront the player in game.
6a. Unsportsmanlike-conduct will not be tolerated. It is grounds for immediate removal from the clan. If you are having an issue with another player, let an on-line admin know. If one is not available, defer to the ranking online member. It will be their decision how best to handle it for the team.
7. Make sure teams are even.
8. If it is possible, try to play on the same side as other members.


Yourself, your clan and your fellow clan-mates. Treat everyone as you will be treated yourself. Listening to other peoples’ points of view, and expressing your own, both in vent and on our website forum and establishing solid communication is a show of respect that everyone will appreciate and can expect to enjoy as a part of the Australian SWAT Team.
Denigrating remarks (put downs) of a serious nature will not be tolerated. Should you find you are having difficulties with another member for any reason, rather than making a spectacle of yourself and making matters worse overall, you should bring the problem to the attention of Brother Admiral and Twisted Dragon. This will enable your Generals to establish calm communication with all parties involved to resolve the issue.
9. You will provide the Clan Owners with your current contact information as it changes. It is for internal use only and will never be given to anyone outside the squad.
10. Communication is vital to our success. All members will need E-mail as well as ventrilo. You will be expected to check- in using your e-mail you provided the Clan Owners.
11. The clean language rule applies in Ventrilo too.
12. While in Ventrilo, do not accuse anyone of cheating. Breach of any of the above can result in reprimands, up to and including immediate and permanent removal from the clan


To be dedicated to a clan does not require strict daily attendance but DOES require that your clan knows that they can depend on you. The only way you can be depended on is to be present in our vent and in our game servers on a regular basis. If you can be here every day to chat and play- Terrific! We know we can depend on you. If it is Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, that’s Terrific too! What counts is that you communicate your availability to your fellow clan mates and keep us updated on when you are going to be available and when you cannot be. Easiest way to solidly communicate extended absences is to make a posting on the forum stating the days you will be away, followed up with verbal communication on ventrilo with Brother Admiral or Twisted Dragon.
Unexplained absences of duration of more than 10 days will cause the member be considered “rogue” or A.W.O.L (absent without leave) and may result in the expulsion from the team and from vent.


As our clan reaches further around the world and grows, so too does our pride in our members and our clan itself. IT IS A REQUIREMENT OF ALL AST MEMBERS TO BE LOYAL ONLY TO OUR CLAN. This means that once you don the AST Tags, you may wear no others. Multiple clan affiliations will not be tolerated. We do not insist that you leave your other clan(s) but if you insist on being in several clans, you are NOT AST material and will be thanked to leave.
Reasoning for this is as follows. Being a member of a clan such as the Australian SWAT Team requires a great deal of time and energy on the part of each member, whether we are gaming, chatting, or helping each other with day to day problems. We as clan leaders can only assume that other clans expect the same loyalty and dedication from their members, so we show respect to all other clans by our disallowance of multi-tag representation. (Multiple clan membership)
13. You may not be a member of another clan upon acceptance to the AST clan.
14. Being a member of AST is a privilege, the benefits of which are not to be extended to non-members. Privileges are not extended to members that are not wearing their tags
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PostSubject: code of conduct   Sun Oct 04, 2009 10:49 am

just read the updates to the coc... everything that has been bought up either in vent or in game has been added here so there shouldnt be any confusion. its obvious our communication is excellent. keep up the good work evry1
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PostSubject: yes   Wed Nov 11, 2009 1:47 am

I have to say AST 'S communication skills are very good Very Happy like Bensome said "Keep up the good work all".
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PostSubject: Re: AST CODE OF CONDUCT   

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