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 AST is Family!

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PostSubject: AST is Family!   Tue Nov 17, 2009 6:28 pm

Hey guys,

I know that there are a few regular people who can be reliable in turning up to ventrilo however I believe that we should be on it more often. Just to say hi, or even sit in the AFK room. As you know, we've been trying to buckle down on communication with the clan, so just knowing we are able to contact you during a certain time of the day is important. I don't believe the problem is that people are busy, it's just that people don't feel comfortable mixing with others on ventrilo. We don't bite, so all you newcomers and even veterns of AST should come on more often just for a chat. Your not expected to play 24/7 but you are expected to keep informed with clan activities and changes and it is bloody hard if we can't tell you directly.

Just getting on ventrilo for a chat is fine, and you can even try doing your work while on the server. If your busy, just use a different room and we can still enter that room to give you the immediate heads up if we need your attention. As a clan, were in a way a family, a family based on gaming. So come on and talk with us more often if you don't already.

- Watudube

PS - For the next few weeks I'll be up pretty late as I have finished school. So for all you people in the West, pop on vent to see if I'm online and we can chat.
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AST is Family!
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