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 General Protection Fault Update.

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PostSubject: General Protection Fault Update.   Sun Oct 18, 2009 9:09 am

General Protection Fault?

As you are all aware, from the post I submitted in regards to to the, "General Protection Fault",what is it and what does it cause?. I downloaded a program called (WinLauncherXP) that was offered to fix this GPF Problem, I put this program to the test over a 2 week period, Vigorously.

The results where poor to say the least, I expected more from this program, and a resolution to the problem, none of that happened.

So My Conclusion Below.

1) Started Of Good,Then 10 Mins Into The Game It lagged.

2) I still Got The Usual "General Protection Fault" About The Same Amount Of Times, As I Had Prior, To Using This Program.

3) Didn't Do What It Suppose To Do.

So that's my conclusion above,didn't seem to fix the "General Protection Fault" at all from what Ive seen,and the time I used it, it could be a Vista thing, but I highly doubt. So overall this program was a waste of time. In know way did it do what its says its suppose to, the benefits are there like going from a 4 core back to a 1 core processor, if certain people need to use 1 core instead of 2, could be handy. I believe this is a Ubisoft issue, as I haven't had any dramas with any other games but Rainbow Six Vegas 2, so I would have to say,with absolute certainty. this program Is worthless and a waste of our time.

If anyone has used this program and have there own thoughts, Please feel free to post your thoughts.

-Brother Admiral

Founder of Australian Swat Team

General Brother Admiral
Australian SWAT Team
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General Protection Fault Update.
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