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 Bensom Arrested By Police

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PostSubject: Bensom Arrested By Police   Sat Oct 10, 2009 3:40 am

It Appears,That Police Where Tipped By Shoppers,In Suspicious Activity happening At The Local Grocery Store,

When The Police Arrived,They Apprehended The Suspect,At The Scene,

While the Police Where Momentarily Distracted By A Donut Van That Passed By,The Suspect Fled On Foot,And Escaped Authorities,

While The Suspect Was On The Run, He Made A Pitstop or 2,

The Police Has Issued This Sketch Of The Suspect,

The Police Has Put Out A Special Bulletin,Beware Of This Suspect,If Spotted,Please We Repeat Don't Approach This Man,He Is Extremely Fragile,And Mentally Disturbed,The Suspect Is Still On The Run,And Yet To Be Captured By Police,So Where Pleading To The Public For There Help In Capturing This Mental Fugitive. If You See Him Please Phone
1800 CUM Stoppers.

One Citizen Thought He Could Approach The Suspect On His Own, But Unfortunately, He Had A Tragic END,

After What he Had Done to The Innocent Man, He Sat Down, And Thought Long And Hard About His Actions,

So Finally He Gave Himself Up to Police. He Has Been Taken Into Custody,And Awaiting Trial.

-Brother Admiral

Founder of Australian Swat Team

General Brother Admiral
Australian SWAT Team
HeadQuarters Australia

Men are at war with each other because each man is at war with himself. ~Francis Meehan
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PostSubject: Re: Bensom Arrested By Police   Sat Nov 07, 2009 2:21 am

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Bensom Arrested By Police
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