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 "Failed to initialize network service"

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PostSubject: "Failed to initialize network service"   Tue May 26, 2009 2:00 am

This problem is a connection problem between the game on your system and Ubisoft server. Please try the following steps to resolve this :

1) First, please make sure that you have the latest patch installed from:


2) Check any firewalls on your system to ensure they are not blocking the game from accessing the Internet. Applications like Norton Internet Security, Zone Alarm, BlackIce etc will all act as a firewall. Please check the documentation that came with the firewall to allow the game access.

3) Try disabling all the background applications on your system to see if this helps allow the game to operate. Here is how to do this :

- Click on the start menu,
- Click on run,
- Type in the following MSCONFIG,
- Click on the startup tab,
- Deselect all the tick boxes,
- Click on apply and then close,
- Restart your computer,
- When your computer starts up again, please close these messages,
- Try to play the game again.

To return to the original startup sequence, follow below instructions:

- click start menu
- click run
- type in the following MSCONFIG
- click on normal startup
- click on apply and then close
- restart your computer

4) If your system is running Windows XP with a service pack, then this will include the basic windows firewall. Please make sure you have checked the firewall to make sure the game has access to the Internet. Please see the following link for how to change the firewall settings :


5) If you have access to the Internet via a router, you will need to open the ports on the router. We cannot give step by step details for how to do this, however the manual for the router should tell you how to open these and forward them to your system. Here are the ports needed for this game :

TCP : 80, 3074
UDP : range between 3074 and 3174

6) Older routers will sometimes require a firmware update. You will need to check with the manufacturers website for any firmware updates available for your router.

7) Try removing your router if you have one, and connecting your system directly to the Internet connection and try the game again.

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"Failed to initialize network service"
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