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 General Protection Fault

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PostSubject: General Protection Fault   Fri Oct 02, 2009 1:56 am

What It A General Protection Fault?

A General Protection Fault in the Intel x86 and AMD x86-64 architectures, and other unrelated architectures, is a fault (a type of interrupt) which can encompass several cases where protection mechanisms within the processor architecture are violated by any of the programs that are running, whether it be the kernel or user program. The mechanism is first described in section 9.8.13 in Intel 80386 Programmer's reference manual from 1986. The General Protection Fault is implemented as an interrupt (vector number 13) in both x86 and AMD64-architectures.
If the processor detects a protection violation it stops executing the code and sends a General Protection Fault interrupt. In most cases the operating system will simply remove the failing process from the execution queue, signal the user and continue executing another program. If however the operating system fails to catch the General Protection Fault, i.e. another protection violation occurs before the operating system returns from the previous General Protection Fault-interrupt, the processor will signal a double fault (interrupt vector 8, a typical BSOD scenario). If yet another failure occurs, the processor will shut down (see triple fault). It will then only respond to a reset or init (that is, pressing the reset-button, or rebooting the entire system) and non-maskable interrupts (unless it has previously failed when handing NMI-interrupts, in which case it will ignore these too).

As I have had this problem over and over,I cant begin to say, how much this General Protection Fault, has caused.Everyone playing and having fun,when suddenly DING!! and WHAM "General Protection Fault",
its doesnt just happen once or twice, ive had it like 7 times in a full day of gaming.

As I have done a lot of searching on "GOOGLE",to try and fix this problem,its seems its noy just me having this problem Mad ,lots and lots of people are having this problem,theres been so many post's on this topic that you couldnt even begin to imagine. Wheres UBISOFT when we need them,NOWHERE TO BE FOUND.since Vegas 2 has been in production over a year now,Ubisoft couldn't care a less,so many people have complained in the UBISOFT forum and yet, no FIX & No HELP!! Thanks a lot UBISOFT for the misery and heart grief you have caused us all.

Anyways enough of Ubisoft,lets get to the problem at hand. this is a post from a guy I saw early today,with a link to a fix. This is he's message below,

"Some people are having this problem because they are running dual and quad-core machines (the game is optimized for single processor machines, just like Vegas 1 apparently). I'm running a laptop with dual core processor and the infamous ATI HD2300 card so I had problems abound.

I checked around and one kangaroo303 found this fix:

It's a program that lets you decide how many processors a program will run with. Just create a profile for Vegas 2 and uncheck all but one of the processors, then double click the profile you made to launch the game. If you're like me, instead of waiting 2 minutes for a General Protection Fault that you can't even see until you tab out, the game will load in 3-4 seconds!"

Posted 11/4/2008 4:25:26 PM.

Well I went to the link http://www.majorgeeks.com/WinLauncherXP_d870.html and downloaded it and installed it today,its a very Simple program to use,fire it up,Click the Program Tab,then click Add a Program Configuration,Then first go to SMP TAB & Uncheck All Processors there, then select 1 processor ONLY!,After that go back to the standard options TAB and put a name in the top box I put RAINBOW SIX VEGAS 2,then the second one below that you click Browse, browse for the Vegas 2 EXE In Program Files or Program (x86) For 64bit System,then click Save.now you will have RAINBOW SIX VEGAS 2 in the main box area of the WinlaucherXp Window,all you do then is double click that and it launchers the game with 1 processor,but you have to launch with this program to get the fix and effect.

The above Fix I have just installed today and haven't yet tested it for myself,I will run it today when I'm gaming and put it to the test,so I will have a response for you all by the end of the day.

P.S I really hope this will fix the problem.

-Brother Admiral

Founder of Australian Swat Team

Men are at war with each other because each man is at war with himself. ~Francis Meehan
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PostSubject: it works.... i think blblbl   Fri Oct 02, 2009 9:57 am

hey bro tried the program and it seems to work a treat! havent had a problem yet fingers crossed lol
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General Protection Fault
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